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Brand history

Guidi Cult

7 April 2007 opened the boutique " Guidi Cult ," a dream place that increases the charm of Viale Bovio , right in the heart of Cattolica. "do its part in the meddle to urban design that calls for a long resettled .

As far as we are planning the avenue Bovio makeover with the collaboration of all. Many customers of the boutique Ferretti Riccione did not want to miss the event and they came into the new temple of elegance .

As Margaret says , her boutique is set up as an area of ​​research that previlegia very innovative and refinement at the highest levels , where the taste is sovereign. Exclusive brands not found in other retail points of the coast , many from France, England and the United States. Italy, too , but not the "usual things " . From Guidi Cult 's nothing else, what you want to look smart and homologation out of style " over the top " that now dominates the parades in Italian . In the display you see women's clothes reminiscent of the style of Audrey Hepburn. The target audience is young and soft elegance , not ingessata.Il store? A magnificent space of over 600 square meters in a minimalist style . External and internal walls of lava rock color cooked Mexico . Floors and work surfaces, an extraordinary lava rock Indian ( now sold out) gray dust. Drawers retractable color burnished vintage . At the entrance to a tank from which rise slightly golden artificial metal tree that form the M logo , the initial of the name Margaret.

The work was made was made ​​by a team of 12 architects from Italy and abroad including Osaka